Looking Ahead


American Funds has often used a slogan: "Our focus is on delivering consistent results for long-term investors."  In that vein, Capital Group (parent company of American Funds) has compiled an intriguing brochure The World in 2030:  10 Predictions for Long-Term Investors.  This commentary includes the perspectives of ten portfolio managers on what 2030 might be like, and "how these shifting trends influence their investment decisions."

“After a stellar 2020, the bond market is coming under pressure”, but the authors of Four reasons not to fear rising interest rates believe that “from a vantage point that is both long term and recognizes the roles of fixed income in a balanced portfolio, it’s clear that rising rates are no reason to abandon bonds.”

If you are fascinated by the pace of innovation across industries, take a look at These 3 laws drive innovation and investment opportunity.  Research efforts by Capital Group help them “track the advances leading the technology, health care and energy industries in new directions.”

For those above 70½ years of age, there is a possibility of giving to a charity directly from your Traditional IRA -- which means you don't need to pay taxes on that particular amount and you can satisfy RMD requirements.  If you have been taking advantage of this "Qualified Charitable Distribution" (QCD), then you will want to fill out your tax forms correctly in order to take advantage of that tax benefit.  Have your accountant take a close look at the QCD instructional sheet we recently compiled, based on a website article by Forbes.

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