Looking Ahead

Capital Group (parent company of American Funds) regularly publishes their macro perspective approximately every six months.  This January, again, their Outlook 2022 Edition outlines a Long-Term Perspective on Markets and Economies.  In spite of a "challenging backdrop," Rob Lovelace says Capital Group is "optimistic about an environment that is ideally suited to selective investing grounded in bottom-up, fundamental research."

While the above article was at the press, sudden changes happened in the world scene.  The web article called Investment impacts of the war in Ukraine highlights "a range of views from across Capital Group's investment team . . ."  You will want to read the five short opinions listed in the article.

Ritchie Tuazon, Timothy Ng and Thomas Hollenberg maintain their "view that inflation will remain elevated and that monetary policy is behind the curve."  Take a look at Why we think the Fed is still behind the curve to read more details.

"Smart investing can overcome the power of emotion by focusing on relevant research, solid data and proven strategies."  Such is the opening line of an American Funds article entitled How to handle market declines.  The article lists seven different aspects of staying the course, ending with "It's natural for emotions to bubble up during periods of volatility.  Those investors who can tune out the news and focus on their long-term goals are better positioned to plot out a wise investment strategy."

For those above 70½ years of age, there is a possibility of giving to a charity directly from your Traditional IRA -- which means you don't need to pay taxes on that particular amount and you can satisfy RMD requirements the year you turn 72.  If you have been taking advantage of this "Qualified Charitable Distribution" (QCD), then you will want to fill out your tax forms correctly in order to take advantage of that tax benefit.  Have your accountant take a close look at the QCD instructional sheet we compiled, based on a website article by Forbes.

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