COVID-19 -- Moving Forward


The Economic "Restart" and Market "Recovery":  Now What?

Now is a good time to look at where we have been and where we are going in relation to investment markets.


1.     Capital Group gives a little insight in an article called U.S. Midyear Outlook: From recession to recovery.  When will the near-term pain we are going through give way to long-term gain?  A “bumpy path for U.S. markets in 2020” may lead to a “more solid recovery in 2021.”  Either way, it is “better to consider staying invested than sit on the sidelines.”


2.     The article Courage!  We have been here before by Capital Group Equity Portfolio Manager, Martin Romo, suggests that “over time, and in time, the financial markets have demonstrated a remarkable ability to anticipate a better tomorrow even when today’s news feels so bad.”  Take a look at the full article.


It bears repeating that nobody knows what the future holds;  hopefully the above articles will help maintain perspective.

Stay informed, and please stay healthy!