Bear Markets

"Stock markets around the world have entered bear territory."  That's the first sentence in Braving Bear Markets: 5 Lessons from Seasoned Investors, which was updated in September 2022.  The first two paragraphs below will hopefully whet your appetite to read the whole article.

Stock markets around the world have entered bear territory. In the U.S., the S&P 500 Index has plummeted more than 23%, year to date, as of September 26, 2022.  Today, many investors are focused on the likelihood of recession, rising rates and more pain ahead.

“No one knows when this decline will end, but I am confident it will end, so I  encourage you not to get caught up in pessimism,” says equity portfolio manager Don O’Neal, who has 36 years of investment experience and has navigated several bear markets.  “Declines create opportunities for investors who remain calm.  If we make good decisions in times of stress, we can potentially set up the next several years for strong returns.”


Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCD):  For those above 70½ years of age, you may give to a charity directly from your Traditional IRA -- which means you don't need to pay taxes on that particular amount, plus you can satisfy RMD requirements the year you turn 72.  If you have been taking advantage of this procedure, then you will want to fill out your tax forms correctly in order to receive the tax benefit.  Have your accountant take a close look at the QCD instructional sheet we compiled, based on a website article by Forbes.

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