Outlook 2021

This new year has continued handing us excitement and changes, what with the cold and snowy winter compared to years past.  On the other hand, in the investment world American Funds has often used a slogan: "Our focus is on delivering consistent results for long-term investors."

American Funds has provided their Outlook 2021 brochure, which is their "long-term perspective on markets and economies."

Continuing with that long-term theme, the Capital Group (parent company of American Funds) has also compiled an intriguing article The world in 2030:  Investing for the next decade.  This commentary includes the perspectives of seven portfolio managers on what 2030 might be like, and "how these shifting trends influence their investment decisions."

Remember that there may be increased volatility in the stock market in the upcoming period:  the key is not to "chase the returns", but rather follow your financial plan which you have discussed with your advisor.

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